Donisha Cotlone

Donisha is a recent graduate of the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work (GCSW) where she received her Master’s degree in Social Work with a Macro concentration. During her time at the GCSW, she became heavily politically engaged. She began registering voters in Harris County and other counties surrounding Houston. She later completed her first Texas legislative session where she was able to analyze policy based on its impacts on working class Texans. During her time at the Capitol, she learned more in-depth about the lack of urgency Texas leaders had on issues that disproportionately impacted Black and Brown Texans.

Her first semester after completing session, she was introduced to this theory of decolonization. As she researched this theory, she learned not only how colonized America was, but how colonized the Social Work profession is. Donisha and a few classmates presented on decolonizing social work in class and later discussed creating a non-profit that will assist social work agencies with decolonizing the way they interact with employees and clients.

When she was presented with the position at Full Circle Strategies and learned about the racial equity consulting they were currently providing to non-profits, she immediately knew that working with and among the leaders of this organization would help prepare her for her long-term goal of decolonization, the profession she has dedicated her life to. However, this internship is not only important to her because of personal gain. She believes that the work we do is necessary and provides an opportunity for everyone to “rethink what we think we know” and unlearn the teachings that divided us and learn how to utilize our differences as building blocks to becoming better as a whole.


Donisha is honored and blessed to be a part of this movement forward to help discover, change and lead a generation forward to a world with an racial equity lens.