Joyelle Gaines

Joyelle is originally from NJ but she is happy to call Houston, TX her new home as of 2018. She recently graduated from Baylor University with her Masters of Social Work this past May 2020. Her hobbies include cooking, dance, photography, video games, Netflix, and spending time with her family. Joy's interests are research, policy, and advocacy related to child development, equity, and justice. She is excited to be working with Full Circle Strategies because she believes in and is passionate about the work we are doing. As a new social worker and a woman of color, she would like to help play a part in the fight towards racial equity and help educate the communities she is apart of on what that means for people like us and for the foundation on which our country was built. This internship is important to her because she feels like she can not only align her personal and career goals, but she can contribute towards a cause, that impacts her daily life. She is excited to be here and to learn from the leaders of Full Circle Strategies