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November 15th

Rx Houston: Racism as a Public Health Crisis

This event series is for anyone on the frontlines, serving communities of color in the Houston-area. If you are actively serving communities of color and combating systemic injustice in Houston, your voice is welcome. Through a series of collective and critical dialogues, Rx Houston will produce a framework and tools that organizers and local officials can use for engaging in anti-racist advocacy in our communities.
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Racism as a Public Health Crisis


This summer our nation experienced the largest uprising against racism in its history. Confronting anti-Blackness was finally on the agenda without permission, without apology, and without fear.


We heard Black people share that they could no longer be silent.  We heard Black people share that they could no longer use their energy to bury feelings of trauma, as had been the case for decades. Simply put, Black people could no longer ignore the pain, heartache, and rage.  


We wanted to know why. We wanted to know what was so different about this time that people felt compelled to speak out against anti-Blackness. Whether it was in their everyday lives or unfolding on their screens, we wanted to know more about the righteous rage that could no longer be contained. 


So we took to social media and asked a simple question, “What was so different this time?”  We sent out a short survey to hear more about the feelings of righteous rage and experiences of anti-Blackness among those who identify as Black. 


This infographic was created based on the results we received. Those surveyed believe that we have both the platforms and networks necessary to incite change.


It should be noted that over 80% of survey respondents identified as Black women. In the wake of the recent non-indictment in the murder of Breonna Taylor, we know now more than ever our ability to incite change, particularly as Black women will be tested. We can only hope that our righteous rage will ignite a fire inside all of us to push, persist and protect for the sake of our very existence.

If you participated in the survey and received a righteous rage shirt, please post a picture of yourself wearing the shirt tag @FullCircle & please use the hashtag #RighteousRage.