Showing Up: Creating Authentic Space for Anti-Racist Dialogue in Academia
A HEARTspeak Summer Learning Series

A virtual 6-week event
Wednesday's June 8, 2022 - July 13, 2022
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST
Cost to attend: $1500.00

Showing Up: Creating Authentic Space for Anti-Racist Dialogue in Academia is a virtual 6-week Summer Session designed for educational leaders in academic spaces seeking to increase their ability to participate in anti-racist practices and dialogue. Upon completion of the 6-week summer session, participants will be recognized as an Anti-Racist Dialogue Leader by Full Circle Strategies.


Over the 6-week session, participants will learn skills to develop capacity for navigating conversations around anti-racism and race equity. Participants will connect with other professionals and thought leaders committed to shifting how this work happens in academia. Specifically, the series will create opportunities for individuals to practice authentic dialogue, build a shared language, and explore approaches to integrating this work into practice. Integral to this work, the sessions take into consideration people’s lived experiences and varying knowledge about race equity while creating a learning environment where one can better understand the short and long term impacts of racism. While institutions often seek to implement processes and systems that increase anti-racism practices, we know that this work is relational and being able to talk about this in authentic ways will allow for the identification of practical strategies for inclusion within the spaces that people work. The sessions will integrate leadership development as a way to guide participants in evaluating their own internal capacities for anti-racism work, identifying barriers and facilitators at the systemic and individual levels, and supporting in difficult conversations that lead to authentic connections that transcend systemic barriers.


Additional Support:

Individuals participating in the 6-week summer series will have access to Full Circle’s online learning management system. This includes tools, resources and opportunities to remain connected with fellow Anti-racist Dialogue Leaders committed to building and shifting cultures of actively anti-racist practices.


Full Circle will provide continued support to participants after the 6-week series, including opportunity for 1 to 1 check-ins with the facilitation team. More information will be shared with participants during the summer session.

For more information on event registration, please visit HERE or reach out to: info@fullcirclehou.com