"Our firm seeks to discover the barriers and facilitators to transforming organizations and communities.We facilitate change through skill-based training and relationship-building. We encourage those to lead in ways that build collective power and solidarity."

We are dedicated to providing you with an authentic training experience even during these challenging times brought on by the current COVID-19 health crisis. We are experienced virtual facilitators and are able to use flexibility and creative approaches in how we train and offer support to organizations.


We help clients better understand current, contextual and historical influences impacting organizational equity both internally and externally. This includes examining how race equity and inclusion efforts are used across the organization. 


HEARTspeak© is our organizational leadership training curriculum designed by the owners of Full Circle. HEART stands for “Holistically Engaging in Anti-Racist Transformation.” This program was specifically developed for organizations committed to building a culture of equity within their organization. The HEARTspeak© training curriculum includes five core topics central to helping people critically self-assess their individual and collective work around race equity and inclusion. 


Now more than ever, we need to confront and remove the barriers that impede racial equity. We see this happening in three ways: building skillfully trained anti-racist leaders; supporting leaders' change work within their organizations; and re-examining how we financially support people of color who lead organizations and community initiatives. 

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