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full circle's mission

To influence the great work of organizations by helping its leaders build and sustain an equitable work culture through research, training, and coaching. 

philosophical approach

Our approach focuses on how we all commonly respond to race, class, cultural and gendered experiences which impact how we interpret and understand our privilege and power in relationship to others. Our work with clients begins by acknowledging that....

  • a critical framework  for understanding and confronting structural racism is needed to enter the organizational change process. 

  • organizational change cannot happen through trainings alone. It takes a long-term commitment to doing the work. 

  • organizational leadership must commit to this process of change.  

Is your organization ready to come full circle?

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This website image is a mural titled "Justice" painted by Icy & Sot Instagram: @icyandsot

Located at 1503 Chartres St. in Houston, Texas

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