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The Race Equity Leadership and Research Collective

Being a part of the Race Equity Leadership and Research Collective (RE Collective) development process has been an honor and a privilege. To be a part of something bigger than myself but plays a dynamic role in how I show up in the world, is unbelievable.

During the planning process, we were intentional on who we chose to partner with for this project. We needed individuals committed to anti-racism with expertise in the institutions that have continuously oppressed BIPOC communities. We have a range of social workers, educators, community organizers, and lawyers in our steering committee to advise us on this journey.

The purpose of this organization is in the name of our upcoming fellowship Ukombozi, which means liberation. Our goal is to ignite BIPOC leaders and empower them to use their voices and power to liberate themselves and their communities through an anti-racism lens in leadership, advocacy, and research.

During our one-year Ukombozi fellowship, we will spend the first week dedicated to anti-racism and undoing racism curriculum, ensuring all fellows are grounded in anti-racism before moving forward in the program. Following a week-long orientation, our curriculum focuses on four primary areas of focus:

  • Assessing Structural Racism/ Strengthening Racial Justice Lens

  • Technical Skill-Building

  • Organizing & Advocacy

  • Organizational Leadership

We want each fellow to walk away with a sense of community, mentorship, and skills to lead their communities on a path to liberation and anti-racism.

Applications to apply for the fellowship are now open! Apply and learn more about this program at


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