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For organizations committed to anti-racism change.

Full Circle Strategies, LLC is a Black owned, women led firm, driven by a highly qualified team of facilitators and strategists who bring combined 50+ years of experiences in race equity, organizational change, racial justice advocacy, and social-emotional learning and support. 

Who We Are

We support organizations and communities in creating and sustaining a culture of anti-racism. We do this through learning and dialogue sessions, coaching and skill building, and strategic consulting carried out in our Holistically Engaging in Anti-Racist Transformation® Academy known as HEARTspeak Academy program and Assessing Workplace Attitudes toward Racial Equity™ Scale. 

What We Do


Data, Learning & Dialogue 


Coaching & Skill Building


Strategy & Consultation 

We Believe In 

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We believe anti-racism is a value and an action stance.

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We believe Holistic wellness is an ethical responsibility that calls for a multi-dimensional response to our collective physical, mental, social, and spiritual well being.

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We believe in liberation, as a process and as the journey for black, indigenous, and people of color to heal and protect oneself from the impacts of racism.

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We believe that solidarity is the heart of anti-racism work and requires us to learn and unlearn about race and racism in American culture.

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We believe that love is our connection to others. We commit to centering love as a means to create space for all folx to work together towards actively anti-racism spaces that prioritize wellness, solidarity, and true liberation.

Is your organization
ready to come

full circle?

Engaging in racial equity work begins with individuals and organizations assessing their level of readiness. This survey will allow us to learn more about your organization.

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